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Here at Rory Feldman Productions we are prepared to buy one piece or an entire collection.

Rory Feldman Productions consists of RoryFeldman.com, RoryFeldmanMagic.com, ThurstonMasterMagician.com, ThurstonsMagicShop.com, WhenThurstonCameToTown.com

We are are always looking for Howard Thurston items but we are always buying items pertaining to other magicians as well. 

Such as...

Howard Thurston Jane Thurston Leotha Thurston
Alexander Herrmann Leon Herrmann Adelaide Herrmann
Harry Kellar Ionia De Vere
Nicola Hofzinser Charles Carter
Servais LeRoy Okito T. Nelson Downs
Harry Houdini Theo Bamberg Devant
Bess Houdini Jean Eugene Robert Houdin Hoffmann
Horace Goldin Tampa Houdin
Alexander Selbit Dante
Chung Ling Soo Rameses Brindamour
Harry Blackstone Maurice Raymond Maskelyne
Posters The Great Raymond Swift Premiums
Throw-Out Cards Satyr National Lithograph
Letters Martinka Strobridge Lithograph
Photos Thayer Morgan Lithograph
Ephemera P&L Stone Lithograph
Apparatus Pitch Books Otis Lithograph
Autographs Books Props

We will not pass up on your offer!


We purchase these items with the intention of building a collection, museum, and an online library.

(See www.MuseumOfMagic.org and take a look at the bottom of this page for more information on us...)

We are not looking to sell your items and make a profit as every other magic collectable site and auction site do. 

You are the ONLY ONE that will profit from the sale.

As of today, we have purchased 1000's upon 1000's of items and we are the #1 source for you to sell your items to.

Just between 2008 - 2010, we have purchased over 10,000's items from sellers wanting the best prices for their items/collections!

Send us an email with the information as to what you are looking to sell. 

Include as much information as possible (i.e., condition, description, price, etc.) and your contact information (email address and/or phone number). 

We will only use your information for the purpose of the purchase.

Please email us at RoryFeldmanMagic@aol.com if you have anything for sale.

We will email you back immediately.


Here are what some people had to say about their transactions with www.ThurstonMasterMagician.com ...

"Thanks so much for purchasing my dad's entire estate [magic collection].  It was a pleasure doing business with you and you made the transfer of my dad's belongings so simple."

- Paul - Topica, Kansas

"I have been to many of the other magic web-sites and you by far gave me the highest price for my items..."

- Alexander - Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

"I am so happy that the items I have cherished for so many years found a great home and will be available online for the world to see!"

- Gregory - Orlando, Florida

"Not only did you give me the highest price for my collection, but I was the only one making a profit, unlike selling my items through an auction..."

- Deborah - Long Island, New York

"I am very happy knowing that my Kellar/Thurston cane is in the greatest collection of Thurston memorabilia out there.  Can't wait to visit the museum!"

- Edward - Manhattan, New York City

About us...

RORY FELDMAN is an internationally acclaimed magician, magic collector, and historian. Feldman, along with items from his collection have appeared in over 100 publications and been seen by millions on various television segments. He is the owner of what is considered to be the world's largest collection on magician Howard Thurston. Amongst magicians he is considered to be the authoritative voice on magician Howard Thurston.

The I.B.M. is the world's largest organization for magicians and for people interested in the magical arts. The Brotherhood is made up of nearly 12,000 members worldwide with over 300 local groups called Rings in more than 73 countries. The I.B.M. is considered to be the most respected organization for magic collectors, amateur and professional magicians in the world!  We were recently featured for the cover story on the February 2010 issue of The Linking Ring, which is the magazine of the I.B.M.


Most recently, on June 27, 2010 The New York Times Real Estate section, featured an article about Rory Feldman and his collection on the front page called "The Decor? I Pulled It Out of a Hat".

To view the article online please click this link:


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