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September 2007

An Open Letter To I.M.C. Readers



An Open Letter

To I.M.C. Readers

Chicago, Ill., January 28, 1933

Mr. E.M. Fult,

     Sales Dept., R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.,

            Winston-Salem N.C.

Dear Mr. Fult -

    I have your letter of January 24 addressed to John Clapp, of Chicago,

 and I wished to call your attention to a mis-statement in your letter which

is injurious to my reputation.  In the fifth paragraph you say: "Thurs-

ton makes a practice of explaining tricks.  He has been quoted as saying

that this not only arouses the interest of the public but when he per-

forms the trick with other apparatus the public is completely at a loss to

see through it."

    I have never explained a trick to the public in my life, and I deny the

entire statement in your letter.  The very simple tricks that are given away

by Swift & Company cost less than one-half cent each and are not ex-

plained by me but simply performed by me.

    These tricks do not explain the principle of magic as used by profes-

sional or amateur magicians.  I would be obliged for an acknowledgement

of this letter.  Address me 162 No. State St., Room 403, Chicago Ill.


                                                       Yours very truly,

                                                              HOWARD THURSTON.



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