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April 2006

Harry Kellar's Cane

Featured Item In The September 2006 M-U-M Magazine

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This was Harry Kellar's cane and was featured with him in the 1900 Strobridge Lithograph Company poster, "A Walk In The Woods" (top-right photo).

This was Harry Kellar's cane through-out his life and was then given to Howard Thurston, when Thurston became Kellar's successor.

There was a lithograph made of the event ("Passing The Mantle") that took place at Ford's Opera House on May 16, 1908.  (bottom-right photo).

This cane was given to Howard Thurston by Harry Kellar and is inscribed...

"Presented To Howard Thurston On May 16, 1908"

1900 Strobridge Lithograph Company poster, "A Walk In The Woods"




Photo Of A The Harry Kellar Cane In One Of The Displays Of The Museum (Bottom Right Of Photo).

1908 Strobridge Lithograph Company poster, "Passing The Mantle"



Photo - Left: Rory Feldman Holding The Harry Kellar "Walk In The Woods Cane" And Top Hat.  Behind Rory Is The 1900 Kellar "Walk In The Woods" (Top-Right) Poster In Which The Items Are Featured.  The Cane Was Presented To Thurston In 1908, When Kellar Passed Thurston "The Mantle."  The 1908 Strobridge "Passing The Mantle" (Bottom Left) Poster Is Shown Behind Rory As Well.

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The Actual Top-Hat

 That Harry Kellar Has On In The

1900 Strobridge Kellar

"Walk In The Woods" Poster.

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The Original Harry Kellar Cane Is In The Rory Feldman Collection (TRFC)

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