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February 2008

Mr. Thurston Always Has Fun With Hotel Waiters.


Gold Fish, etc.  Appears In Plates and Glasses , and Other Things Equally Remarkable Happen.

Mr. Thurston Always Has Fun With Hotel Waiters.

Gold Fish, etc.  Appears In Plates and Glasses , and Other Things Equally Remarkable Happen.

"I say, waiter, do you usually serve gold fishes in your drinking water, or is this simply a special occasion?"

The waiter who was spoken to looked in astonishment and bewilderment at a glass of clear water which resting on the table beside the plate of a young and good-looking man, who was quietly perusing the bill of fare in the cafe at the Galt House yesterday at noon.

In the glass two small gold fish were swimming about, enjoying the fresh water.

"I will remove the fish at once, sir. I beg your pardon sir; I do not see how this could have happened," said the waiter.

He  reached for the glass, but did not take it.  In fact he could not take it; the glass had disappeared .  When he recovered himself and took a second look the glass was there alright, but it was full of wine and not water.  The gold fish had done to parts unknown.

"I did not order wine, waiter.  I wanted water.  I never touch wine; it is bad for the nerves.  Strong alcoholic drinks sometimes create a peculiar and abnormal vision which makes a man think he see things that do not exist,"  said the guest.

The waiter's eyes began to bulge, and he looked harder at the glass of wine.

"Now waiter, I think you  will admit that if I was drinking wine and should say that I see a snake crawling up the sleeve of your coast the other persons in the room might have reason to think that I was under the influence of something.  Yet, I have drunk nothing, and here is the snake."

He stepped forward and lifted a wiggling snake from the waiter's Tuxedo, while the man gave a howl that attracted the attention of all the dinners.  The snake disappeared when the others looked, and the stranger reassured the waiter, cautioning him to be careful to fill the orders exactly as given.

"You may take those gold fish out, I do not care for live gold fish at dinner," he said.

As he spoke he motioned toward the glass of water, which was in its proper place, and the fish were as happy as ever.  This was the last exciting event in the course of the meal and the waiter was beginning to get composed, but he went "up in the air" when he handed the man the finger bowl and found six gold fish and the snake swimming in the water.

The head waiter had to go to the rescue if the waiter, and then the latter was told the cause of all the trouble. He understood as soon as he was told the the man on whom he had been waiting was Howard Thurston.  Me Thurston comes from New York.  He arrived in Louisville yesterday morning and registered at the Galt House.  He is appearing at Hopkins Theater, where he does a number of tricks of sleight-of-hand and illusion.  He amuses himself during his leisure by working his tricks on innocent persons.  The waiter and bell boys around the hotel are all prepared for him now, and the will catch no more of them as he did the waiter yesterday.

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