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August 2009


An amazing letter from Howard Thurston to Servais LeRoy!


This is an amazing letter from Howard Thurston to Servais LeRoy, from August 28, 1923.


86 years ago this month!




August 28, 1923


 Mr. Servais Le Roy


          Keansburg, N. J.


My dear LeRoy:


          Replying to your letter of August 24 regarding the Decapi-

tation of the Duck and Rooster.


          It never occurred to me that you might object to Dante

doing the Duck and Rooster trick for I have always thought that

I purchased the trick from you without any restrictions.  There

are no restrictions or exclusive rights on my receipt from you

for the trick.  The trick is all built and rehearsed and placed

in the show and it would be considerable trouble and would inter-

fer with the runing of the show to take it out.


          I want to do what is right in the matter.  The question is

if I bought the trick from you with no restrictions as to what

I was to do with it.  I can't see how you object to Dante using

it.  Dante playes in small towns and it would interfer very

little, if any, with your Vaudeville dates.  However, I would

like you to phone me, Flusing 1214.  We leave here Friday morn-




Sincerely yours,







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