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Rory Feldman, creator of

is now the creator and founder of  the "Museum of Magic".

The Museum of Magic was given "museum status" by being granted a Provisional Charter by the the Board of Regents on April 24, 2007.

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THURSTON and DANTE...the Written Word Volumes 1 and 2

By Phil Temple

Everyone should check out this great new book!

It is the reprint of the Thurston-Dante Letter set put out many years ago.

We here at are happy to say that you will find a lot of very rare images of Thurston in this new book supplied by us!  Thanks to Phil Temple for including these these great images from our collection in the books!

They are...

Page 50 Page 199 Page 200 Page 202
Page 203 Page 269 Page 359 Page 606
      Page 653    

Howard Thurston mentioned in 2 news articles...

Check them out here....

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Thurston...   A Spy? A Secret Agent?

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Check out some great new pieces of Howard Thurston memorabilia that we have acquired here at  They are truly magnificent and part of magic history.  We had a great response to the items we put on in 2006 and have been asked by countless people to continue doing so in 2007.

We have some really great new items that we will be featuring here on

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You may remember seeing William V. Rauscher present this lecture at various places, including the 31st Annual Magic Collector's Weekend.

Now, for the 1st time this lecture has been put to music, videos & photos and presented only here on

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To Read More About William Rauscher's New Book

Religion, Magic, And The Supernatural

The Autobiography, Reflections and Essays of an Episcopal Priest


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CLICK HERE To View Thurston's Miracles Of Magic - SERIES No. 1

CLICK HERE To View Thurston's Miracles Of Magic - SERIES No. 2

    "Rory, congratulations on your website... sharing with the world one of the most comprehensive, if not the best collection of Howard Thurston memorabilia."

- Roger Dreyer, CEO Of Fantasma

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The NYC Fantasma Magic Store
CEO Roger Dreyer


In The Collection There Are Dozens Of Thurstonís Original  Manuscripts.  These Include Thurstonís Original Manuscripts For His Autobiography ďMy Life Of MagicĒ, Scripts & Screenplays That Howard Thurston Wrote, Manuscripts For The Asrah Illusion, Unpublished Biographies Of Howard Thurston, And Manuscripts For Different Speeches & Events That He Was Invited To. 

(Pictured In The Photo To The Left) Rory Is Reading His Favorite Manuscript, Which Shows In Detailed Drawing And Descriptions Howard Thurstonís Sawing A Women In Half.

Soon Some Of These Manuscripts Will Be Displayed Here For FREE On

Also, In The Near Future Many Of These Manuscripts Will Be Published And Available For Purchase, Here On


Want To Be Howard Thurston /'s Friend On ?

We Here At Are Trying To Spread The Word About The Historical Aspect Of Magic And Magicians, Particularly Howard Thurston, And Have Chosen As A New Venue To Do So. would like to say "Thank You!"

to everyone that has become a reader, viewer, and fan of this site.

We have a lot of new additions to this site coming up shortly, such as...

And as always, it's all FREE!

"First of all, excellent work on the Thurston site. What a collection! ... Itís safe to say that Iím not alone in anxiously awaiting an update to your site. Youíve posted so many previously unknown Thurston images, combing the material up there already is a delight to the serious collector..." - Gabe Fajuri

That Is What Squash Publishing's Gabe Fajuri Had To Say About



There is considerable space devoted to Howard Thurston in the recent book Dai Vernon: A Biography by David Ben, and also a significant amount on him in Trouping with Dante by Marion Trikosko.

You can find more about these books by going to wants everyone to know about the...
38th Annual Magic Collectors' Weekend
Schaumburg, IL: May 3-5, 2007
Honoring Jim Steinmeyer
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Rory Feldman, Creator Of
Is In The New September 2006 M-U-M Magazine.
The 5 Page Article Is Titled
 "The Brooklyn Wonder Show" And Was Written By Richard Lane
This Article Covers Rory Feldman's Life In Magic As A Magician
 & Magic Collector, His Goals & Aspirations.
The M-U-M Magazine Is
The Magazine For Members Of The Society Of American Magicians.


A Photo Of Rory Feldman, Creator Of, Appears In The New
August 2006 Magicol - A Journal Of The Magic Collectors' Association.
The Photo Shows Rory Helping Out With The Auction At The 2006,
37th Annual Magic Collector's Convention In Rosslyn, VA. 
The Photo Appears In A Great Article By Michael Claxton With Great
Photos Of The Magic Collectors' Convention Taken
By Wayne R. Wissner.

The Columbus Landmarks Foundation's Efforts To Raise Money For
The Green Lawn Abbey Are Mentioned In A 6 Page Article
Written By Robin Smith, In The August 2006 Issue Of
The Linking Ring Magazine,
The Magazine For Members Of
The International Brotherhood Of Magicians.

Thanks To Everyone's Support And Word Of Mouth To Make This A Popular Site!

Recently in an eBay description we had a seller write about us in their description.

We are very happy to know that has been a useful tool for people all around the world!

Although, the item that was for sale was not a "true" Thurston piece, we are glad that we were of help to the seller.

Thanks Again!


The Description Said...

Want To Be Howard Thurston's Friend On ?

We Here At Are Trying To Spread The Word About The Historical Aspect Of Magic And Magicians, Particularly Howard Thurston, And Have Chosen As A New Venue To Do So.




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We Wanted To Let All The Fans Know About A Magic  Organization Called The "College Of Magic".

"To Experience The Unbelievable Is To Enter The World Of Imagination.  To Be The One Doing The Impossible, However, Is To Experience True Magic."

The "College Of Magic" Based In Cape Town, South Africa Has Been Sharing This Experience With Thousands Of Students - Providing Magical Arts Training To Aspirant Magicians And Entertainers The World Over."

The College Of Magic Received Full Page Coverage In The March 27, 2006 Issue Of The New York Times As Well As Receiving A Front Page Feature On Their Website.


CLICK HERE To View The College Of Magic Website Or

To View The Latest News From The College Of Magic Including The NY Times Article CLICK HERE

This Is What The College Of Magic's Craig Mitchell Had To Say About

" Is A Simply Amazing Collection - And A True Resource For Any Serious Student Of The Art Of Magic. This Takes The History Of Magic Straight Into The Online Future!" And The Columbus Landmarks Foundation's

Efforts To Raise Money For The Green Lawn Abbey
Are Mentioned In The April 2006 Issue Of The Linking Ring Magazine,

The Magazine For Members Of The International Brotherhood Of Magicians

"We had a very strong contingency of dealers.  We also had some special booths with representatives from the Green Lawn Abbey, in Columbus, Ohio, presenting a slide show on the condition of Howard Thurston's crypt, in the Abbey..."

(1985 Edition)


In 1985 Phil Temple Published The "Thurston Scrap Book - Grace Thurston Manuscript".

Now 20, Years After It's Original Paperback Publication As The "Howard Thurston UnMasked", A New Hardbound, 190 Page Edited Edition Of The Fascinating, Revealing And Human Story Of Howard Thurston's Early Years.

You Can Purchase This Book From Your Favorite Magic Dealer Or From Phil Temple Directly.

(2006 Edition)

Although No Credit Is Given In The New 2006 Edition,
The Actual Grace Thurston Manuscript That Was Used
 In The Making Of The 1985 And 2006 Editions Is In
The Rory Feldman Collection.
Also, The Photo That Was Used On The Cover Of
"Thurston UnMasked" Is In The Rory Feldman Collection. 
The Image Of Grace Thurston Comes From A Very Rare Cabinet Photo.
Just Returned From The
"2006 Magic Collectors' Convention" In Washington, D.C.

37th Magic Collector's Weekend

Rosslyn VA
March 30 - April 1, 2006


We Wanted To Let All The Fans Know About A Site Called  This Site Is Run By Gary Brown, A Magic Historian, Collector, And Freelance Writer.  Gary Is The Author Of "The Coney Island Fakir", A Biography Of Sideshow Magician Al Flosso.  This Is A Great Site To Learn About History Of Throw-Out Cards.

Please Check Out To Learn More About Throw-Out Cards

Thanks To Gary Brown For Saying This About

Click Here To Learn About Kellar's Cane That Was Seen In The Walk In The Woods Poster In 1900!  This Cane Was Then Given To Thurston In 1908!  See The Cane In The Visitors To The Collection Section Here!

We Are Very Happy To Announce That We Have Just Acquired The Thurston / Kellar 1923 Society Of Osiris Plaque That Was Featured On In February Of 2006.  This Plaque Was Presented To Howard Thurston In 1923 And Refers To His Mentor Harry Kellar. CLICK HERE For More Information.

Click Here To Learn About The Robert-Houdin Clock That Harry Houdini Gave Howard Thurston In 1922!  An Absolutely Amazing Item With An Incredible History And Story About How We Obtained This Robert-Houdin Clock!

Find Out About The 3 Items We Recently Acquired, Shown Above In The
Stay Tuned For Some Other Truly Outstanding Magic Memorabilia To Be Displayed ONLY On's Item Of The Month Section.
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Recently On There Were Reviews Of The 75th Annual Magi-Fest In Columbus Ohio, Written By The Forum Members.

One Very Nice Magician And Forum Member Named Michael Dustman That We Met At The Magi-Fest Said This...

For More Information CLICK HERE Just Got Back From The 75th Annual Columbus Magi-Fest.

Thanks To Jep Hostetler And Everyone That Supported Our Cause!

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These Howard Thurston Buttons Were Extremely Popular At The
Columbus Magi-Fest Convention.  Now It's Your Chance To Own
Some Of These Really Great Howard Thurston Buttons
And They Are Only Sold Here, On
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Howard Thurston Can Be Seen In The New King Kong Movie That Comes To Theaters On December 14, 2005!

Click Here To Find Out More! Will Be At The Columbus Magi-Fest To Raise Money For The Green Lawn Abbey Fund.

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Magician Tim Moore
Live From The Greenlawn Abbey Mausoleum
In A Spectacular Event To Honor
Howard Thurston
Click Here To Read More About This Event
Please Click Here, to find out how you can help the Greenlawn Abbey Mausoleum in Columbus, Ohio, where Howard Thurston has been laid to rest.

Just got back from a tour of the Musee De La Magie in Paris, France!




Join The Magic Collecting And

Howard Thurston Collecting Craze On...


Do you have magic collectables that you are looking to sell?  Email us and we will purchase everything of interest.


A sincere "thank you" to everyone that has sold their great Howard Thurston items and magic items to us!  Since the launch of we have purchased 1000's of great new pieces to add to what is already the world's largest Howard Thurston collection.  If you are looking to sell your Howard Thurston items or magic items, please do not hesitate to email us.  Please CLICK HERE to find out how.
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Find Out More About Howard Thurston By Reading These Books And Magazines! 

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Also, check out some items from the collection that are featured in some of these very popular magic books and magic magazines.

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